Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kottawa Highway Entrance

Kottawa highway entrance at night....

Going home after heavy day.

While in traffic at Night around Sri jayawardenapura...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life on lifeless tree

Lets plant the world with green.. More greener, more life in there...

Stuck in heavy traffic

Everyone wants to go home first.. There is no such urgency for everyone equally...what really matters everyone selfishly looking only their need.. No one is bothered adjusting to where everyone get an opportunity... That's life..??

Eating Brand Names

People are made greedy by various marketing slogans..Benchmark food names born... People are forced by marketing propagandas to eat these brand names... Pizzas.. Burgers.. Were early initiatives for 20th century...ain't that complicate life style... Simply we are eating brand names...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Can People be lazy due to climate

Why our people looks so lazy..Their attitude is not positive? Not ready to take up challenges? They sleep a lot.. Is it because they're fried in hot climate... Most Developed regions seem to be located away from equator.. Can there be certain co-relation in this...It might be due to the fact that heavy climatic changes force humans to work hard.. Work faster.. Looks like run for lives. And the culture adjusts in reflecting humans in regions.

Replacing crossings with bridges

We see many accidents taking place on road crossings. Roads are getting broader to facilitate growing traffic.. Therefore crossings do indeed get longer..risking people's's something always suggested gov't agents to replace road crossings with bridges. This will reduce the traffic congestions while reducing possibilities for accidents.