Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never support Terrorism

Terrorism is a illegal act of achieving a goal of set of people forcefully. Basically violence and cruelty contributes them to get their goals regardless of human lives, properties, etc. During past recent centuries world has been challenged by terrorist activities.

Terrorism mainly concerned with couple of points to growth of political, military and social powers.
  • Marketing of some matter threatening peace (Forming up a political, racial, etc. matter).
  • Gaining and misleading innocent people with some picture and sight to raise arms against the peace of humans.
  • Process of self-defensive and self-destructive actions to enable the continuation of terrorist organization.
Terrorism can never lead to a goal of peace. This is a very truth ever concluded by many illustrations available in the past. Achieving rights (political, social, etc) only become successful where we have peaceful and socially accepted processes.

So stay away from terrorism, never participate terrorist activities, help and inform others as well. This world is a nice place where terrorism is swept out of it.

Make it a better place for you and me, n ALL.... :)

..: Tribune to victorious forces of S.L. sacrificed lives for peace in Sri Lanka :..

edit by: sniper with portable artillery...

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